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SrIman nArAyaNan who is enjoying unlimited bliss with nithya sUris and mukthAthmAs in SrIvaikuNtam (paramapadham), out of his causeless mercy, being worried about the state of bound souls who are suffering in this material world, descends himself in the form of many archA (deity) forms in many temples, mutts, homes, etc. It is this archAvathAram (deity form) is the most merciful form and the epitome of bhagavAn’s most auspicious qualities.


12-azhwarsAmong those places where emperumAn descends in archA forms, AzhwArs who were divinely blessed by emperumAn, perform mangaLAsAsanams to certain kshEthrams. These kshEthrams which are glorified by AzhwArs in their 4000 dhivya prabhandham are called dhivya dhEsams and are 108 in number. Of those 108 dhivya dhEsams, paramapadham is outside the material world – so it is unreachable in this life time for everyone and kshIrAbhdhi (milk ocean) is inside this material world, yet it is in a far away location. The other 106 dhivya dhEsams are very well within the bounds of bhAratha dhEsam and is spread in all the 4 directions.

abhimAna sthalams are the kshEthrams which are held very dear by certain AchAryas who appear after the time of AzhwArs.


SrI rAmAnuja is glorified as the foremost Acharya of our SrIvaishNava sath sampradhAyam for his many contributions. As maNavALa mAmunigaL identifies in upadhEsa rathina mAlai, “namperumAL declares that our sampradhAyam to be called as emperumAnAr dharsanam or SrI rAmAnuja dharSanam”. emperumAnAr‘s role in reforming the dhivya dhEsams is of immense importance for us. It is due to his most visionary steps, dhivya dhEsams and the temples in such dhivya dhEsams became the epicenter of knowledge, spirtuality, charity and collaboration (engaging in service together with other SrIvaishNavas) for the upliftment of entire population.

This website attempts to provide a window to such dhivya dhEsams, abhimAna sthalams, AzhwAr/AchArya avathAra sthalams, their literary works etc.

Please see full listing of dhivya dhEsams (in a single page) by clicking http://koyil.org/index.php/dhivya-dhesams/ with links to each dhivya dhEsam.

This website portal is our tribute to our entire guru paramparai (lineage of spiritual teachers) for blessing us with such wonderful wealth of temples and literature which are solely focussed at our upliftment.

adiyen sarathy ramanuja dasan

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